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Best Makeup Tips: How To Apply Makeup Step By Step

20 May 2024 0 Comments
A Girl applying makeup with a brush, next to text on ‘Best Makeup Tips: How to Apply Makeup Step by Step’


As much as natural beauty is appreciated, being able to do your makeup skillfully is also a kind of art. It can cause a huge difference in your self-confidence and completely change the way you carry yourself. 

However, if you’re a beginner, you may need some of the Best Makeup Tips to ensure that your makeup is of high quality. 

No need to worry because this blog has got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how you can apply a full face of makeup like a pro!

15 Best Makeup Tips: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply Makeup

1: Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly

Makeup for various skin types may be different, but certain things are common and one of them is cleansing your face thoroughly. 

Throughout the day, our skin suffers from dirt, pollution, and several other impurities. If you cover them up further with layers of makeup, not only does the makeup not sit properly but it also causes severe damage to your skin. 

Benefits Basil clean Cleansing Milk Oshea Herbals

Instead, get the Basilclean Cleansing Milk from Oshea Herbals and get a clean and healthy face for you to put makeup on.

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2: Use A Toner To Smoothen Blemishes

Sometimes, makeup routines leave out a toner when its function holds immense importance. 

The RoseFresh Facial Skin Toner not only hydrates dry skin but also minimises enlarged pores.

Key Ingredients RoseFresh Facial Skin Toner Oshea Herbals

This provides a smooth canvas for you to apply different beauty products while also ensuring that they do not harm your skin.

3: Hydrate With A Moisturiser

However, a toner may not be enough to effectively hydrate your skin and restore its original supple nature. This is where the Grapemoist Moisturising Lotion comes in as your saviour! 

It is perfect for every skin type and does not feel greasy at all on oily skin. It can be easily absorbed by your skin to leave behind a healthy glow and shine.

Cocoahoney Moisturising Lotion Oshea Herbals

Thus, having a moisturiser in your routine is of utmost importance among the best makeup tips.

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4: Create A Base With A Primer

Here’s one of the most important long-lasting makeup secrets: apply a pea-sized amount of primer on your face and blend it evenly on your face. 

It creates a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup routine. 

Moreover, its gel-like texture ensures that your makeup does not melt and remains steady for a long period.

5: Form A Strong Foundation

The next step is to choose the right foundation for your skin tone. 

If there are any discrepancies, your makeup will seem extremely offputting because the colour of your neck and arms will not match the one on your face. This is why you must get a foundation that exactly matches your complexion. 

For this, you can experiment with a few options by applying them near your jawline. When you find the one that blends well with your skin without any issues, you will have found the perfect match! 

One of the foundation application tips is to start applying foundation from the centre and blend it towards the sides and edges of your face.

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6: Conceal Your Imperfections

It is important to note that even a concealer must match the colour of your skin tone so it can effectively cover up any visible blemishes or imperfections so that your full face of makeup can have a perfect and smooth finish.

Beige Skin - 1

The High Cover Concealer from Oshea Herbals does an excellent job of ensuring that your insecurities are completely covered so that you can feel confident and beautiful in your makeup. 

7: Seal With A Setting Powder

Now, before you move on to the next steps, it is important to seal your face full of foundation with a setting powder. This ensures that your makeup lasts long and does not get ruined under any circumstances. 

However, it is important to pay attention to the quantity of setting powder you are applying to your face. If it’s not enough, the purpose of ensuring your makeup is sealed will not be fulfilled. 

On the other hand, too much setting powder can make your face look thick and cakey. It can also form lines and wrinkles on your face. Thus, applying the right amount of setting powder is one of the best makeup tips.

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8: Contour Your Face With A Bronzer

Using a bronzer on your face can make your features look sharper and more pronounced. So why not make use of it to give your face some contouring? 

It must applied on top of your cheekbones and the sides of your nose reaching to your forehead. Blend them properly to get a natural finish. 

You will be left behind with a glowing face, sharp features, and a huge amount of confidence.

9: Brighten Your Cheeks With Blush

If you do not want your face to appear pale, add a flush of colour to your cheeks with a little bit of blush. It gives your skin a radiant glow and a rosy complexion. 

Blush application steps include imitating your biggest smile and applying the blush on the raised areas of your cheeks. You can also make a pouting face and apply it to the areas that are sucked in. 

Make sure you blend the blush completely with your skin so that it seems like you have a natural flush of colour on your face.

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10: Highlight Your Features

Now that you have focused on different areas of your face, it is important to use a beauty product to ensure that your entire face looks extraordinarily beautiful and radiant. 

This is why one of the best makeup tips is to use a highlighter to uplift the entirety of your face and give it a glowing finish. Once you get the hang of using a highlighter on your face, you can swiftly go from damn to glam!

11: Make Your Eyes Stand Out With Eyeshadow

Unleash your creative skills now that you have moved on to your eye makeup. Let your eyes shine with your favourite shade of eyeshadow. 

The top of your eyes offers a wide scope of experimenting with colours. Not only can you go with a matte finish but also sport an extraordinary glittery look. 

Choose a look that is suitable for your outfit and vibe. A vibrant and appealing eyeshadow will definitely steal the spotlight.

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12: Define Your Eyes With Eyeliner

If you want your eyes to look large and well-defined, do not skip this step. One of the best makeup tips is to use eyeliner for your eyes. You can end with a simple fleek or make a dramatic wing near the end.

Deep Black

The Mesmeric Liquid Eye Liner from Oshea Herbals greatly accentuates your eyes and adds a distinct flair to it which raises your overall beauty. 

13: Elongate Your Eyelashes With Mascara

Your eye makeup will be incomplete without the use of mascara on your eyelashes. When you have bright eye shadow and dramatic winged eyeliner, it is necessary to focus on your lashes as well.

The Mesmeric Long Lash Mascara makes your eyelashes look longer and brighter for a more appealing look.

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14: Add A Shade Of Gloss

Complete your makeup with the Mesmeric High Shine Lip Gloss. It nourishes your lips, hydrates them, and lasts throughout the day.


Moreover, when your entire face is glowing, you can rob your lips of some deserving shine and dazzle. 

Hence, sport your complete makeup look with a dash of gloss from Oshea Herbals!

15: Finish With A Setting Spray

Finally, you can seal your entire makeup routine with a setting spray. It locks in the moisture and all the beauty products on your face to ensure they last longer. 

Hot and humid weather can melt the makeup off your face while cold weather can make your skin shrivel. 

But, a setting spray ensures that your makeup stays out regardless of the weather. Thus, one of the best makeup tips is to never skip the setting spray at the end of your routine.

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Doing your makeup may not be easy but you can gradually grasp it with the best makeup tips and a step-by-step guide. 

Soon enough, you can follow the steps of moisturising, using a primer, applying foundation powder, and a concealer like a pro. 

Next, you must add a flush of colour to your face to imitate natural blush. 

Finally, you must learn the skill of blending your vibrant eye shadow and making perfect wings for your eyes. You will emerge as a professional at doing your makeup and looking extraordinary after!

Get your skin the care it deserves from a natural selection of beauty products from Oshea Herbals! The brand sports a superb range of Beauty Products that can greatly enhance and elevate your look, while its Color Essentials Collection can transform you from ordinary to extraordinary! So what are you waiting for? Get shopping to look the way you want to!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to put makeup step by step?

Ans: You can apply makeup step-by-step by following the best makeup steps that include the compulsory use of a cleanser, toner, primer, and setting spray.

Q2: What are the 5 steps of makeup?

Ans: A simple 5-step makeup routine includes using foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, and lip gloss. Even if you do not follow all the steps of a makeup routine, you can still end up looking extraordinary by following these simple steps.

Q3: How do I start my makeup?

Ans: You must start your makeup routine with a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. It is necessary to have a clean, smooth, and hydrated face for you to put makeup on. Thus, the CTM step of your makeup routine can never be skipped.

Q4: Is toner necessary during makeup?

Ans: It is absolutely essential to include a toner in your makeup routine because it smoothens your facial skin, hydrates and restores its glow, and minimises any enlarged pores, preventing any harmful substance from penetrating the skin.

Q5: Where do you apply blush and how?

Ans: You can apply blush on the raised areas of your cheeks when you smile. You can also pout and suck in your cheeks to apply the blush on those areas. Blush should always be applied in an upward direction by blending it effectively with the rest of your face to achieve a natural and radiant finish.


Disclaimer: This blog has used information from the internet to inform you about the best makeup tips and how you can implement them into your makeup routine. However, it is highly recommended to consult a skin care professional or a dermatologist before introducing any new products to your skin. This ensures that you remain protected from skin allergies and rashes.

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