Basilclean Cleansing Milk

Rs. 245.00
Rs. 245.00
Rs. 245.00

Benefits of Basil Cleansing Milk

✅ Hydrates Skin

✅ Deep cleansing

✅ Removes excess oil

✅ Refresh the skin

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 Basil clean Cleansing Milk Oshea Herbals

Basilclean Cleansing Milk

Rs. 245.00 Rs. 245.00

Basilclean Cleansing Milk

Rs. 245.00 Rs. 245.00


Oshea Herbals Basilclean Cleansing Milk is specially made for normal to oily skin and contains precious herbal extracts that cleanse the skin in depth. It removes excessive oil and lifts impurities from the skin without disturbing the natural balance of the skin. Helps in takeing off makeup effectively while deeply cleansing your skin, eliminating excess oil, and purifying it. Its hydrating formula not only leaves your skin feeling refreshed but also ensures it stays well-nourished.

Who’s it good for?

Skin Types

Normal to Oily



Our Main Ingredients

Basil Extract

Basil Extract helps prevent acne. Basil is also an excellent pore cleanser since it contains natural oils that help act as a natural cleanser and remove surplus oil and impurities. It also soothes and calms the skin, swelling and pain that may come with acne.

Aloevera Extract

Aloe Vera is one of the most natural remedies for sunburn or burnt skin which has cooling properties and is anti-inflammatory. It helps to moisturize the skin, fights against skin-aging, reduces infection and acne and also lightens blemishes on the face.


Glycerin acts as a humectant, which is a substance that allows the skin to retain moisture. It can increase skin hydration, relieve dryness, and refresh the skin's surface. It's also an emollient, which means it can soften skin.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Is a natural remedy which acts as a sunscreen and also works as the sun-tan removing agent. Its is also an anti-aging formula which reduces wrinkles and dark spots.

Why this product?

Hydrates Skin

Drench your skin in replenishing hydration with our luxurious formula. Immerse yourself in a surge of moisture that locks in hydration, leaving your skin irresistibly supple, smooth, and radiant. Embrace the transformative benefits of lasting hydration. Unveil the beauty of deeply hydrated and nourished skin.

Deep Cleansing

Elevate your skincare routine with our deep-cleansing marvel. Our unique formula penetrates deep into the skin, removing impurities, excess oil, and unclogging pores. Unleash the transformative effects of deep cleansing for a refreshed and renewed skin experience

Removes Excess Oil

Control excess oil with our specialized formula. Designed to regulate oil production, it leaves your skin balanced, matte, and refreshed. Reclaim control over your skin's oil balance for a clear, confident, and refreshed appearance.

Refresh The Skin

Revitalize and refresh your skin with our unique formula. Experience the transformative effects as our product makes the skin refresh and gives a glowing appearance. Unveil the beauty of refreshed and revitalized skin.

How to use it?

Step 1

Apply this cleansing milk all over face and neck with circular movements.

Step 2

Wipe off with either damp cotton or wash off with water

Step 3

To be followed by Oshea Herbals Rosefresh Skin Toner

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Products😍😍😍

I love oshea brand so much all of their products are under budget and gave beautiful results 😇😇

Sona Jain

Beautiful Products 😍😍😍 on time delivery and result was awesome👍👍

Puja Singh

Amazing Products I love oshea herbal brand alot 😍😍😍

Saanvi Singh
Work Wonders

Keeps my skin hydrated and oil-free✨

Aditi Patil
Hydrated, and refreshed

Hydrated, and refreshed😍

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Is it suitable for dry skin type?


How often can I use this?

Twice a day

Can men use this product as well?


What are the benefits of Basil Cleansing Milk?

Basilclean Cleansing Milk: Deep cleanses the skin instantly. Removes dirt & excess oil from the skin. Takes off makeup effectively. Purifies your skin.