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How To Use Glycerin For Skin Lightening?

07 Jun 2023 0 Comments
How To Use Glycerin For Skin Lightening

One common ingredient of skincare that we all know from the very beginning is glycerin. Even before face serums were introduced in the market, our mothers used to rely on this product. Have you ever wondered why?

Well, this slightly thick liquid is really helpful for the skin. This skincare ingredient hydrates the skin really well, works to treat acne, and helps to treat dark spots and whatnot. Another benefit that this liquid can offer is skin whitening.

Glycerin is a natural product that has skin-brightening properties and it can be used in different ways. So, if you are looking for natural ways to lighten your skin, choose glycerin.

Read this blog to learn more about the ingredients and how to use glycerin for skin lightening.

What is Glycerin?

Glycerine is a colourless, sweet-tasting, odourless liquid. The name comes from the Greek word “glykys,” which translates as “sweet.” It is safe for all skin types and is used in various skin products including moisturisers and face washes.

It is also used as a hydrating agent. Mixing glycerin with ingredients like aloe vera, and rose water helps to hydrate the skin, prevent moisture loss and treat many skin problems.

Does glycerin whiten skin? Yes, it does that too! People also use glycerin to fight pimples on the face and remove blackheads.

There are many more things for which glycerin is used. It comes both naturally and artificially made. How good is it for your skin? Read below to know.

Benefits Of Glycerin For Skin

As mentioned above, glycerin can benefit the skin in a number of ways. Here are some of its really impressive benefits for the skin:

1. Moisturising

Glycerin protects the skin from water loss. It brings moisture to the skin and avoids it to escape. It particularly heals dry skin during cold weather. It additionally works on hydration better than sorbitol, hyaluronic acid etc.

Step 1: Add 2 tbsp of lemon juice to 250 ml of glycerin.

Step 2: Use this mixture on your face every night and wash in the morning. It will result in hydrated, and dewy skin.

2. Cleansing and Toning the Skin

People widely use glycerin for skin whitening. Using it on the skin can provide even-toned skin as it works as a great cleanser. It eliminates dirt, reduces inflammation and cures discolouration on the skin.

Step 1: Mix one tsp of glycerin with 3 tsp of milk.

Step 2: Massage your face with this mixture every night and wash in the morning.

3. Youthful Appearance

The moisture in our skin cells starts to lose as we age. This is the primary reason leading to wrinkles. Glycerin reaches the depth of the skin and makes it plump, reducing wrinkles, blemishes and age spots.

Step 1: Beat an egg white to make it frothy.

Step 2: Mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of glycerin into the egg white.

Step 3: Use this mixture on your face in a circular and upward motion.

Step 4: Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it with plain water.

4. Wound Healing

Using glycerin topically helps to heal the abrasions and bruises on the skin. It is known for its strong antibacterial properties that help to fight infection happened around the wound.

Step 1: Mix one teaspoon of glycerin and four teaspoons of fuller’s earth.

Step 2: Mix a little water to make a paste.

Step 3: Apply this mixture on your face and avoid the areas around your eyes and mouth.

Step 4: Let it sit on the face until dry and then wash it with plain water.

How to Use Glycerin for Skin Lightening?

Glycerin For Skin Lightening

Glycerin is a natural and effective ingredient that can help in skin whitening. Here are some ways to use glycerin for skin lightening.

1. In Skincare Products

Glycerin is a common ingredient in many skincare products such as toners, moisturizers, face masks, and lip balms. Before using products with glycerin for skin whitening, it is important to follow the instructions on the product label and do a patch test before including it in your daily routine. Generally, you should use glycerin to clean and dry the skin, one or two times a day.

2. Using Glycerin on its Own

Only consider diluted glycerin for skin

Glycerin is a natural humectant that can attract and hold onto water from the air, helping to maintain skin health. However, using undiluted glycerin can draw too much water from your skin cells, leaving them dehydrated.

To prevent this, it’s important to dilute glycerin with distilled water or other face pack ingredients before applying it to your face. Here are the steps to apply it to your skin.

  • Cleanse your face and pat dry with a towel.
  • Your face should still be a little damp.
  • Now take a little amount of glycerin on cotton and dab it on your face.
  • Do not apply around the eyes and mouth.
  • Let it sit on your face overnight and wash it with plain water the next morning.

3. As a Face Pack With Other Ingredients

You can make a powerful glycerine face pack for skin whitening that includes glycerin by mixing it with other natural ingredients. Some effective ingredients to mix with glycerin are:

1. Lemon juice for pigmentation

When mixed with glycerin, lemon juice’s Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin tone and its bleaching properties help to lighten dark spots and pigmentation. Dilute the lemon juice in cold water before adding a few drops of glycerin and use only at night since lemon can increase sun sensitivity.

2. Cucumber gel for anti-tanning

Mixing cucumber gel with glycerin helps to lighten the skin tone and soothe irritation caused by sun tanning or pigmentation. Mix equal parts of cucumber gel and glycerin diluted in water, and apply the blend with a cotton ball on your face daily for a few days to see results.

3. Rosewater for dark spots

When mixed with glycerin, rosewater helps to soothe and tone the skin while reducing dark circles and spots. It acts as a natural cleanser and removes dirt and makeup from the skin.

4. Bananas for skin lightening

Using glycerin with a mashed overripe banana and honey can help to achieve a lighter complexion as bananas are full of antioxidants.

5. Milk cream for cleansing

When mixed with glycerin, milk cream works as a cleanser that purifies clogged pores while glycerin helps to moisturize and lighten the skin tone.

6. Besan for dead skin cells

A paste made with equal parts of besan and glycerin helps to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum from the skin’s surface. This mixture is great for oily and acne-prone skin.

7. Essential oil for skin lightening

Mixing a few drops of glycerin with essential oils such as lavender oil, rosehip oil, or jojoba oil can help to lighten the skin tone. Avoid using comedogenic vegetable oils like olive or sunflower oil as they can clog pores.


1. Always dilute glycerin before applying it to the face. Using undiluted glycerin can cause dehydration of the skin cells, which can lead to dryness, flakiness, and even breakouts. Hence, you won’t be able to absorb the benefits of glycerin for the skin.

2. Perform a patch test before using glycerin on your face. Apply a small amount of diluted glycerin to a small area of your skin, such as your forearm, and wait 24 hours to see if there is any allergic reaction or irritation.

3. Avoid using glycerin on broken or irritated skin. If you have a rash, cut, or sunburn, it’s best to wait until your skin has healed before using glycerin.

4. Do not use glycerin in excessive amounts, as it can attract dust and pollution particles to the skin, which can clog pores and cause acne.

5. If you live in a humid climate, be cautious when using glycerin on your face, as it can attract moisture from the air and cause sweating and discomfort.

Summing Up

Glycerin can be extremely beneficial for the skin but only when you use it the right way. Either dilute glycerin with water and use it on its own or use glycerin-rich products. Now you can easily use this natural ingredient for skin-lightening and to get a healthy glow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you apply glycerin directly to the skin?

Yes. You can apply glycerin directly to your skin. However, it’s crucial to use diluted glycerin on your skin, as undiluted glycerin can draw too much water from your skin cells and leave them dehydrated.

2. Does glycerin make skin glow?

Yes. Glycerin has hydrating and moisturizing properties that help to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. It can also make your skin look brighter and more radiant by reducing the appearance of dullness and uneven skin tone.

3. Can I leave glycerin on my face overnight?

Yes. Glycerin is a non-toxic and non-irritating ingredient, making it safe to use on your skin for extended periods. However, you must dilute glycerin before using it on your skin and make sure that it’s compatible with your skin type.

4. How to use glycerin on face at night?

To use glycerin on your face at night, you can mix it with other ingredients like rose water, aloe vera gel, or essential oils to make a face pack. Dilute the glycerin with distilled water or another carrier oil to avoid over-drying your skin.

5. How to use glycerin for skin whitening?

To use glycerin for skin whitening, you can mix it with lemon juice or tomato juice to make a face pack. Dilute the glycerin with distilled water or rose water before adding the juice to avoid over-drying your skin. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

6. Is glycerin good for the skin?

Yes. Glycerin is a natural hydrating agent that attracts moisture to your skin and helps to keep it hydrated and soft. Glycerin also has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and calm irritated skin, making it an excellent ingredient for people with sensitive skin.

Disclaimer: This article has been written after thorough research and is based on the resources available on the internet. It is still advisable to contact a dermatologist before using any mask or recipe.

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