Onion And Ginger Hair Oil

Rs. 395.00
Rs. 395.00
Rs. 395.00

Benefits of Onion And Ginger Hair Oil

✅ Helps in hair growth

✅ Reduces hair fall

✅ Hydrates scalp

✅ Helps in stress relief

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Onion And Ginger Hair Oil Oshea Herbals

Onion And Ginger Hair Oil

Rs. 395.00 Rs. 395.00

Onion And Ginger Hair Oil

Rs. 395.00 Rs. 395.00


Onion And Ginger Hair Oil is a blend of nourishing oils such as Onion oil, Ginger oil, Olive oil, Amla oil, Moroccan Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Black cumin seed oil, Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, and light mineral oil. The lightweight oil penetrates quickly to restore and nourish the scalp. This Oil helps in hair growth and reduces hair fall by stimulating blood circulation of hair follicles. It is a nutrient-rich hair oil that provides nourishment & soothing care to dull, lifeless, weak hair and tired scalp to help transform their texture and health. It helps to enhance scalp moisturizing, hair shining, and make hair stronger and lustrous. This Onion Ginger Hair Oil is suitable for all hair types.

Who’s it good for?

Skin Types

All Hair Type


Hair Growth

Our Main Ingredients

Onion Bulb Extract

When added to the hair and scalp, onion juice can provide extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair, thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. The sulfur from onions may also help promote collagen production. Collagen in turn helps the production of healthy skin cells and hair growth.

Ginger Oil

Ginger Oil contributes to the health and cleanliness of the scalp, soothes dryness and itchiness, and enhances healthier hair growth by stimulating and improving circulation to the scalp

Olive Oil

Olive Oil acts as a great moisturizer and prevents dryness. It contains all the necessary nutrients that are required to provide your hair with the right nourishment and conditioning. Its helps to reduce itchiness, deals with the dryness, fights dandruff and unclogs the clogged follicles. It keeps your hair voluminous and thick by keeping a check on the breakage

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black Cumin Seed Oil is the best ingredient you can use to treat your hair fall because it contains over 100 different nutrients which are rich sources of nourishment for your hair and follicles. Black Seed oil Helps to stimulates hair regrowth. Condition and softens Hair, it prevents from greying of hair by improving the performance of hair cells that are responsible for the pigmentation of hair follicles to continue its natural growth.

Why this product?

Promtes Hair Growth

Promote hair growth with our specialized formula. Enriched with nourishing agents, it supports a healthy scalp environment and encourages hair follicle activity. Experience the transformative effects as our solution works to stimulate hair growth, leaving you with a fuller and more voluminous mane. Embrace the confidence of a revitalized scalp and the potential for luscious, healthy hair.

Shine & Glowing Hair

Achieve lustrous shine and glowing hair with our specialized formula. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it revitalizes hair strands, promoting radiant shine and vitality. Embrace the transformative power of our formula for hair that gleams with health and beauty.

Hydrates Scalp

Revitalize your scalp with our specialized formula, crafted to provide essential hydration. Enriched with moisturizing agents, it nourishes and hydrates the scalp, promoting a healthy environment for your hair. Experience the transformative effects as our solution hydrates your scalp, leaving it refreshed and revitalized. Embrace the confidence of a well-hydrated scalp for healthier-looking hair with each use.

Helps in Stress Relief

Indulge in stress relief with our specialized formula, crafted to provide a soothing and calming experience. Enriched with stress-relieving agents, it offers a moment of relaxation and tranquility. Experience the transformative effects as our solution helps in stress relief, leaving you with a sense of calm and well-being. Embrace the confidence of self-care and relaxation with each use.

How to use it?

Step 1

Pump out a generous quantity of oil in your palms depending on your hair volume and length.

Step 2

Gently massage into scalp thoroughly focusing on the roots, and the length of your hair.

Step 3

Leave on for at least half an hour before shampooing. For better results, keep it overnight.Rinse your hair thoroughly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews

Good oil for hair growth

Shreya Das

Strengthens and nourishes beautifully.💛

Tanvi Kapoor

My hair feels soft and nourished.😍

Aarohi Rana

Natural and effective oil. 💁‍♀️

Rhea Bhat

Love the shine ✨

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Is this suitable for all Hair types?


Who can use this shampoo?

Both men and women above age 15

Does it have any artificial fragrances?


What are the benefits of Onion And Ginger Hair Oil?

Benefits of Onion Ginger Hair Oil: Helps to strengthen hair strands, Reduce hair breakage, Prevent hair fall, and repair damaged strands. Improves hair texture and gives it a natural softness.